Paterson Men Charged with Attempted Murder for Knife Attack

Three Men Face Attempted Murder Charges After Allegedly Assaulting 15-Year-Old Boy on Street in Paterson, NJ

Paterson Stabbing SuspectsPassaic County prosecutors have filed criminal charges against three men who allegedly tried to kill a 15-year-old boy in Paterson, New Jersey. The suspects in the violent attack are 21-year-old Estiby R. Fernandez, 18-year-old Robert W. Pena-Marzan, and 22-year-old Jimmy Polanco. All three men are from Paterson, NJ. According to the Passaic County Prosecutor s Office, Fernandez, Pena-Marzan, and Polanco assaulted the victim in the area of 40 Lewis Street in Paterson at around 4:10 p.m. on November 14, 2017. The 15-year-old boy suffered life-threatening wounds and required urgent medical attention at St. Joseph s Regional Medical Center. Fortunately, doctors at the Paterson hospital were able to save the boy s life. (He was eventually released from the hospital.)

Detectives with the Paterson Police Department and the Passaic County Prosecutor s Office investigated the near-fatal stabbing and quickly identified Fernandez, Pena-Marzan, and Polanco as the three men likely responsible for the attack. However, it took a few weeks for police to locate and arrest Fernandez and Pena-Marzan and it took another week for Polanco to turn himself into police.

Attempted Murder Charges & Penalties in Passaic County, NJ

Fernandez, Pena-Marzan, and Polanco have been charged with numerous crimes: attempted murder, possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, and unlawful possession of a weapon. Additionally, Pena has been charged with aggravated assault because he allegedly wielded the knife during the attack. The Passaic County Prosecutor s Office recently issued a news release announcing the felony charges against the three suspects.

The most serious charge against Fernandez, Pena-Marzan, and Polanco is the attempted murder charge. If convicted of attempted murder in Passaic County Superior Court, they could be sentenced to 10-20 years in New Jersey State Prison. That would be in addition to any penalties stemming from convictions for other charges in the case. For instance, the weapons offense charges are also classified as felonies and could result in lengthy terms of incarceration.

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