Passaic NJ Firefighter Placed on Leave After Bar Fight

Passaic NJ Fire Department AssaultA Passaic NJ firefighter accused of getting into a bar fight was placed on unpaid leave by the city.

The violent incident occurred on January 21, 2017. According to authorities, the suspect was at the Emerald Corner tavern in Clifton NJ when he got into an altercation with a group of people. Bar employees dialed 911 to alert the Clifton Police Department, which dispatched officers to the scene.

By the time that Clifton NJ cops arrived at the bar, the fight had stopped. Police officers investigated the situation and determined that no arrests were necessary.

Although the suspect was not arrested or charged with a crime, such as simple assault or aggravated assault, his job with the Passaic Fire Department could be in jeopardy. The suspect was placed on administrative leave. Moreover, the suspect will not be paid while he is on suspension.

However, the suspect was not suspended because of his alleged involvement in the Clifton bar fight. The fight led to fire officials reviewing the suspect s file, which allegedly included multiple complaints.

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