Paterson NJ Mayor Faces Corruption Charges

Paterson NJ Mayor Corruption ChargesJose Joey Torres, the mayor of Paterson NJ, recently turned him in to NJ State Police. Torres faces criminal charges for corruption, with Passaic County prosecutors accusing him of arranging for city employees to perform work for a relative.

Torres is a 58-year-old resident of Paterson and also serves as the city s mayor. He has been accused of conspiring with others to ensure that his daughter was able to get city employees to perform work on a property she leased.

Torres garnered intense scrutiny from the media while he remained at-large. He ultimately made the decision to surrender to authorities so that he could be formally charged and processed.

Torres could now be headed to trial after a grand jury indicted him on the corruption charges.

Torres is expected to fight the criminal charges and go to trial if necessary. He will also remain in office as the Paterson mayor while the charges are unresolved. In fact, Torres recently met with the Paterson Emergency Management team in advance of the major snowstorm that hit the East Coast.

Meanwhile, Torres daughter has resigned from the Passaic Valley Water Commission.

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