“Real Housewives” Couple Faces Additional Fraud Charges in Federal Court in Newark NJ

Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Giudice attended another court hearing at the federal courthouse in Newark, New Jersey.

The reality TV couple was charged with two additional counts of fraud, bringing the total number of counts against them to 41. The Giudices’ legal predicament has been accompanied by massive media attention due to their roles in the Bravo television series the “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

In their most recent hearing, the couple submitted pleas of not guilty. The indictment against the couple now has two additional offenses for bank fraud and loan application fraud. Each count carries severe penalties, including a 30-year term of incarceration and up to $1 million in fines.

In August, the couple appeared in court for the initial 39 counts of fraud included in the federal indictment against them. The indictment contends that the Giudices committed fraud by obtaining multiple forms of loans, including mortgages, amounting to millions of dollars, from 2001 to 2008.

The couple faces a slew of charges including conspiracy to commit mail fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and submitting fraudulent loan applications.

Mr. Giudice could be deported if he is convicted of some or all of the alleged offenses, as he is an Italian citizen who immigrated to the United States.

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