Paterson, NJ Traffic Stop Results in Possession, Distribution of CDS charges

bags of heroinDuring a recent traffic stop in Paterson, New Jersey, two individuals were charged with possession and distribution of controlled dangerous substances, after a Passaic County Sheriff’s officer witnessed the passenger attempting to conceal drugs in his pants.

On Monday, December 30th at approximately 4:27 p.m., a Passaic County Sheriff’s officer pulled over a vehicle at the intersection of Grand and Spruce streets in Paterson. According to Passaic County Sheriff Richard Berdnik, the officer was in the process of writing a ticket for a traffic violation when he saw the vehicle’s passenger attempting to shove drugs into his pants.

A subsequent search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of 78 small packages of heroin, six bags of marijuana, and one bag of crack cocaine, as well as rolling papers. The driver, who was identified as 30-year-old Paterson resident Julio Ortiz, was also in possession of $1,136 in cash. The teenage passenger’s identity has not been disclosed by authorities.

Both the driver and passenger are currently facing charges for possession and distribution of controlled dangerous substances (CDS), per police reports. Under the New Jersey Criminal Code, violations involving possession and distribution of CDS are graded according to the quantity of the substance involved. In others words, the offenses for which the accused will be tried could be in the first, second, third, or fourth degrees, depending on the amount of the substance contained in each of the bags. The degree of the offense will determine the severity of the penalties if the defendants are convicted of the charges against them.

Ultimately, it is likely that the two charged will be subject to a term of incarceration if convicted. In addition, Manufacturing, Distributing, or Dispensing Cocaine and/or Heroin are offenses subject to sentencing under the “Brimage Guidelines,” which eliminates the defense attorney’s opportunity to argue for a downward departure at the time of sentencing.

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