Paterson NJ Police Nab Suspect Accused of Selling Drugs, Assaulting Officers

Paterson New Jersey Drug Crime AttorneysPaterson New Jersey police arrested a man who was allegedly selling illegal drugs on a city street.

According to law enforcement, the suspect was spotted by Paterson NJ patrol officers in the area of 12th Avenue and 22nd Street in Paterson, NJ. A couple of police officers reportedly saw the suspect walk toward a white SUV, speak with the driver, and then accept cash in exchange for drugs.

When police stopped the suspect, he allegedly began to shout obscenities at the officers and then tried to run away. The officers pursued the suspect, but their pursuit was interrupted when the suspect allegedly punched one of them.

More Paterson NJ officers joined the chase and eventually located the suspect on Hamilton Street, where he was allegedly attempting to climb a fence.

Police grabbed the suspect s belt as he tried to move up the fence, prompting the suspect to turn and punch one of the officers, according to police. The officer who was allegedly assaulted fell to the ground and sustained injuries to his wrist.

The suspect was ultimately subdued and placed under arrest.

During a subsequent search of the suspect, Paterson police reportedly discovered several baggies filled with MDMA, which is a club drug more commonly known as Molly. Additionally, police allegedly found the suspect in possession of a Davis .380-caliber handgun.

The suspect was later taken to St. Joseph s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey, where doctors examined him. Once the suspect had been cleared of injuries, he was moved to Paterson police headquarters.

While being transported to the Paterson police station in a police car, the suspect reportedly got angry with officers and began to kick a window inside the vehicle. Police then had to use pepper spray on the suspect.

The suspect was charged with multiple drug offenses, including possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) and drug possession near school property. Additionally, the suspect was charged with terroristic threats, resisting arrest, aggravated assault on a police officer, and illegal possession of a handgun.

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