Paterson Man Charged for Alleged Aggravated Assault with Box Cutter

A Paterson man with a lengthy criminal history was charged with aggravated assault and weapons offenses after allegedly slashing a man with a box cutter in Hoboken recently.

The aforementioned incident reportedly occurred last week in the vicinity of Third Street between Hudson and Washington streets in Hoboken. During the alleged crime, 44-year-old Vincent E. Clark allegedly used a box cutter to inflict multiple facial lacerations on a male victim. The victim required stitches to repair the damage to his head and ear after the incident.

After Clark’s arrest, police discovered multiple warrants for his arrest in connection with approximately $20,000 in outstanding child support payments. In addition, Clark’s extensive criminal record includes 11 prior arrests, 3 convictions for disorderly persons offenses, as well as several felony convictions for employing a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme, endangering the welfare of a child, and three counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS) within 1,000 feet of school property.

Clark was being held in lieu of $75,000 bail as a result of the most recent charges against him. If he is convicted in this case, his prior criminal record will serve as a significant detriment to him during sentencing. In New Jersey, the presiding judge must weigh the aggravating and mitigating factors in a given case before determining the appropriate sentence.

Specifically, the State includes the extent of the defendant s prior criminal record and the seriousness of the offenses of which he has been convicted as one of the aggravating factors to be considered before sentencing. As such, a criminal record, particularly one involving multiple felony convictions, may compel a judge to issue a more severe punishment against a defendant.

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