Passaic County men used hidden folds in clothes to hide heroin, police say

In Wayne police received a report Friday evening saying men inside a Jeep Cherokee parked in a Route 23 lot were using needles, Wayne Police Capt. Laurence Martin said.
Officers Vincent Riciardelli and David Hoppe saw three men leaning on the truck when they arrived. Then the men saw the police, two of them, Robert Berg, 31, and Derek Ogonowski, 26, started throwing items in the vehicle, Martin said.
The officers detained them and found orange needle caps and syringe plungers on the ground, Martin said. The third man, Brendan Turner, 24, said his needle was in the Jeep’s glove box.
Turner, a Hewitt resident, also had five empty glassine bags stamped “The Punisher.” A search revealed a hidden fold between the fabric panels in the front of his jeans containing 25 baggies of heroin, also stamped “The Punisher,” Martin said.
Berg, a Haskell resident, and Ogonowski, a Hewitt resident, had similar false panels in their clothing, also containing “Punisher” heroin, Martin said.
All three were charged with possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia. They were released pending court appearances.
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