Clifton NJ Residents Allegedly Possessed Crack Cocaine in Car

Clifton NJ Cocaine LawyersPolice in Elmwood Park NJ recently arrested two Clifton residents accused of possessing crack cocaine.

The suspects, a 33-year-old Clifton NJ woman and a 42-year-old Clifton NJ man, allegedly committed the drug crime while driving through Elmwood Park, New Jersey.

Paterson NJ police officers were on patrol when they reportedly spotted the suspects engaging in an illegal drug deal in Paterson, New Jersey. The Paterson Police Department then alerted the Elmwood Park Police Department, which sent officers to the area to conduct mobile surveillance.

Elmwood Park cops later stopped the suspects motor vehicle on Route 46 in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. A subsequent search of the car by police officers reportedly led to the discovery of an unspecified amount of crack cocaine.

Law enforcement placed the suspects under arrest and charged them with multiple drug offenses, including possession of crack cocaine.

After being arrested and charged, the suspects were released from police custody with a pending court date in Bergen County, New Jersey.

For further information about this case, access the article, “Man, Woman Found with Crack Cocaine in Car, Authorities Say.”