Woman Coughs on Cop, Says she has Coronavirus & Charged with DWI

According to authorities, a Wayne woman was arrested for DWI. She then coughed on Hanover Police officers and told them that she was infected with the coronavirus. Police say that on March 12, 28 year-old Lea piazza got into a one car accident, and officers suspected her of driving while intoxicated. She became belligerent with officers, and went as far as breathing on one officer. She eventally coughed on one officer and then said, “oh by the way I have the coronavirus and now so do you.” All three officers who were involved in the arrest were forced to self-quarantine until the suspect’s statement was 100% false. She was charged with DWI, careless driving, and refusal to take a breath test. Click here to read more at www.patch.com.

The DWI laws in New Jersey have recently changed. If you are convicted of a first offense DWI with a (“BAC”) of less than .15%, you will lose your license until you successfully install a court ordered ignition interlock device (IID) your primary motor vehicle. This will also apply if you had no BAD reading and you are convicted based off of a police officer’s observations. If you are charged with DWI and your BAC is .15% or higher, the Court must impose a license suspension of up to six (6) months.

If you are convicted of DWI with a BAC of .10% but less than .15%, the Court will order the installation of a mandatory seven (7) month ignition interlock device. If your BAC IS less than .10%, or based on an officer’s observation, you will be required to install the IID for a period of three (3) months.

If you are convicted of a second offense of DWI, you can lose your license for one (1) year with a required 2-4 year interlock device. 

A third offense  of DWI has a mandatory eight (8) year loss of license with another 2-4 year interlock device. A third DWI also carries a mandatory six (6) month county jail sentence. 

If you or a loved one is charged with DWI, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Alissa D. Hascup is skilled and experienced at representing thousands of individuals charged with DWI in towns like Wayne, Clifton, and Paterson. She is committed to ensuring your rights are protected in court. Contact her office for a free consulation. She is available 24/7 at 862-257-1200.