Wanaque NJ Police Shooting Under Investigation, Suspect Allegedly Threatened Woman with Knife

Wanaque New Jersey Domestic Violence AttorneysPolice in Wanaque NJ said that the recent shooting of a suspect in domestic violence assault incident was threatening the victim with a knife when police officers opened fire.

According to authorities, the violent incident occurred around 2:00 a.m. at a residence located on Alexander Avenue in Wanaque, New Jersey. Law enforcement received a report of a domestic violence situation at the home and dispatched officers with the Passaic County Prosecutor s Office Shooting Response Team.

When police got to the residence, they reportedly encountered the armed suspect. Officials indicated that the suspect was brandishing a big knife and that he was threatening to stab the female victim.

A witness later spoke with the local NJ media and said that a Passaic County police officer shot the suspect when he moved toward the cop. The witness also said that the suspect appeared to be suicidal and unstable in the moments before the shooting incident.

At this time, it is unclear if the suspect survived the police shooting. The Passaic County Prosecutor s Office will likely provide an update on the criminal case in the coming days.

Assuming that the suspect survived the shooting, he will likely face serious criminal charges for aggravated assault and terroristic threats. He will also probably have to address the domestic violence accusations at a restraining order hearing.

At this time, law enforcement is actively investigating the alleged domestic violence assault. Anyone who has information about the incident, or the suspect, should call the Passaic County Prosecutor s Office tips line at 877-370-PCPO.

To learn more about this case, read the NJ.com article, “Man Shot by Police in Wanaque Had a Big Knife, Threatened Woman, Report Says.”