Violent Home Invasion in Millburn Captured on Nanny Cam

Last week, a nanny cam captured a brutal beating of a mother during a home invasion in Millburn.

A young mother was watching television with her daughter in their Millburn home when a man kicked-in the front door, rushed into the living room, and began pummeling the screaming mother. The attack took place in front of the woman’s daughter.

The man repeatedly punched the woman in the face before making his way upstairs. The woman stumbled to her feet and courageously attempted to follow the man upstairs, where her other young daughter was sleeping.

The intruder rushed down the stairs and punched the woman in the face again. The intruder then grabbed the woman by her hair and violently slammed her face into a wooden table. At this point, the man chillingly asked the woman to get her pocketbook. When the disoriented woman didn’t respond, he threw her against a wall. The remainder of the video shows the man continuing to assault the woman, kicking her in the face and repeatedly punching her.

Eventually, the man exited the house through the front door, but not before he picked up the woman and threw her down the basement stairs. He got away with jewelry from the home.

The woman was taken to the hospital for injuries and was diagnosed with a concussion.

If arrested, the intruded is likely to face aggravated assault and burglary charges.

In New Jersey, the penalties for burglary are set forth in N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2. Because the victim was seriously injured during this burglary, the intruder could be charged with a second degree felony. If convicted, the intruder may receive a sentence of up to ten (10) years in New Jersey State Prison.

The Essex County Sheriff’s Office has offered a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the intruder. The intruder has been described as a 5-foot-11 black man who weighs 220 pounds and has a salt-and-pepper beard. Anyone with information that could help is encouraged to contact the Millburn Police at (973) 564-7001.

For more information, see the article entitled “Police Seek Leads in Violent Essex Home Invasion Captured on Nanny Cam.”