Three Paterson NJ Men Stand Trial for Murder

Paterson First Degree Murder AttorneysArguments in the criminal trial of three Paterson New Jersey men charged with first degree murder concluded on Wednesday.

The suspects, all of whom are from Paterson NJ, face criminal charges for murder and attempted murder in connection with the fatal shooting of a local man on August 31, 2014. Additionally, the suspects allegedly injured a woman during the shooting incident.

During the trial in Passaic County Superior Court, Passaic County prosecutors classified the shooting as an incident of gang violence. It has been alleged that the suspects used a handgun to fire multiple gunshots at a rival gang member.

Tragically, a stray bullet struck the male victim, an innocent man who happened to be on the street at that time, and resulted in his immediate death.

The female victim, a high school student, suffered a gunshot wound to her head while sitting in a parked car. Fortunately, she survived her very serious injuries.

Now the criminal trial has concluded and a Passaic County Superior Court jury is deliberating. After the prosecution made its closing arguments in the case, defense lawyers requested directed verdicts for dismissal of all charges; the judge denied the request.

The jury will have to determine whether the suspects actually possessed a firearm when the shooting occurred. This won t be easy, especially since there was conflicting testimony during the trial.

Additionally, one witness testified in court that she could not remember seeing the suspects with a gun on the night of the shooting.

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