The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself this Holiday Season – A Clean Criminal Record!

What better way to start the New Year than with a clean criminal record Many times a mistake from years past or a relatively recent lapse in judgment can have unexpected future consequences in your life. Even if a criminal offense with which you were charged was later dismissed, the original charge, as well as the arrest, will remain on your record. This may spell implications for your employment opportunities or eligibility for various activities like coaching a youth sports team or even adopting a child.

However, there is a way to erase these previous infractions, thus eliminating them from existence according to the law and further, from any criminal background check that may occur in the future. The Superior Court of New Jersey is authorized to carry out this procedure in what is referred to as an expungement. Through this process, the Court can eliminate from your record an arrest, charge, or conviction that took place within the State.

Upon the expungement of your record, you can legally answer “no” to any questions regarding previous arrests, charges, or convictions on applications of any kind, excluding those for law enforcement positions or those within the judicial branch of government.

There are a variety of expungements, including:

  • Expungement of an Arrest
  • Expungement of a Municipal Ordinance
  • Expungement of a Pre Trial Intervention Program or Conditional Discharge
  • Expungement of a Felony or Indictable Offense (some exclusions apply)

For more information about expungements and to find out how we can help you establish a clean slate for 2014, visit the Tormey Law Firm’s Expungements Section.