Teaneck Man Charged with Wyckoff Burglary, Already Sitting in Bergen County Jail as He Awaits Burglary Charges for Franklin Lakes Theft

A Teaneck man suspected of committing a string of robberies in Bergen County and Connecticut has been linked to a burglary in Wyckoff Township.

Last month, a Bergen County task force of police, which included police departments from over 20 towns in the county, was monitoring 26-year-old Shakir Major when they saw him drive to a Tenafly home that was later burglarized. Mr. Major and his accomplice, 26-year-old Diandre Mikell, were charged with the theft as well as an attempted burglary in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Later, Mr. Major had already been arrested and was in custody at the Bergen County Jail when Franklin Lakes police charged him with committing another burglary in Franklin Lakes.

And recently, Wyckoff detectives who were participating in the task force uncovered evidence linking Mr. Major to a February 11 burglary in Wyckoff. Authorities believe that Mr. Major forced open the back door to a Highway Drive house and stole nearly $27,000.00 in jewelry, electronics, and gift cards.

As a result of the new information uncovered by Wyckoff police, Mr. Major was charged with an additional count of burglary.

Burglary in New Jersey is governed by N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2. In accordance with the statute, burglary is usually charged as a third degree felony, unless either someone is injured during the burglary or the burglar has a weapon. The additional burglary charge against Mr. Major could add between three (3) and five (5) years to any prison sentence he receives.

Mr. Major remained in custody at the Bergen County Jail. The additional charges led to $75,000.00 being added to his bail amount.

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