South Orange NJ Police Investigating Alleged Sexual Assault of Seton Hall University Softball Player

The South Orange Police Department announced that it has launched an investigation after a reported sexual assault occurred last month involving a student from Seton Hall University.

The alleged assault victim, who will remain anonymous to protect her privacy, was a player on the university’s softball team. The incident, which occurred at a party held outside of the Seton Hall campus on November 16, was reportedly caught on video via a cell phone and has been spread to students throughout the university.

According to South Orange Police Captain Kyle Kroll, the victim first notified employees at Seton Hall about the assault, which occurred sometime in the early morning. Seton Hall staff advised her to notify the police, who were also contacted by the university. According Dan Kalmanson, a spokesperson from Seton Hall, the university began conducting its own investigation upon hearing the report of the incident. They have declined to comment as to the results, per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Although South Orange Police said that they are not currently in possession of a video of the incident, reported that it had received a purported copy. The video allegedly contains only a short 12-second recording in which the victim can be seen bending over while a man in a white T-shirt and white baseball cap stands behind her. Reportedly, other attendees of the party were laughing while the alleged assault occurred. Further, sources have reported that there were other softball players from the girl’s team in attendance at the party. Police are questioning a number of the team’s members.

Seton Hall employees are aware of the video and have threatened to punish any students who share it with others. Officials from the South Orange Police Department are continuing their investigation and have yet to identify the alleged offender.

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