Simple Assault Charge Filed Against Drunk Hoboken Man Who Slapped Bouncer

A criminal charge for Simple Assault has been filed against a 38-year old Hoboken man as a result of an alleged incident that transpired at approximately 12:30am on Sunday.

Officers from the Hoboken Police Department were apparently summoned to a River Avenue hotel bar Sunday morning on the report of an intoxicated man hitting a bouncer. Upon their arrival, officers were met by the belligerent suspect, who they later handcuffed after he flailed his arms at a police sergeant attempting to interview him.

The investigation revealed that the bouncer had escorted the man out of the hotel bar after he became abusive towards a bathroom attendant. Once outside, the irrate man struck the bouncer in the face with an open hand. The drunk man did not deny his actions.

For more information, see the Jersey Journal article entitled, “Hoboken cops issue simple assault summons in case of bar patron slapping bouncer.”

If convicted, the Hoboken man faces a maximum of up to 6 months in the Hudson County jail and a $1,000 fine, depending on his prior record (if any).