Police Arrest Second Defendant in Paterson Drive-By Shooting Case

As a follow-up to an ongoing case involving the tragic murder of a 15-year-old Paterson basketball star, a second defendant has been charged for allegedly participating in the fatal drive-by shooting that claimed the life of young Armoni Sexton.

According to officials from the Passaic County Prosecutor s Office, 20-year-old Paterson resident Hasmeek Coles is the suspected accomplice of Gregory Oliver, who is already in custody. Coles was arrested and is now facing charges for murder (homicide), three counts of attempted murder, weapons offenses, and receiving stolen property. He remains held at the Passaic County Jail in lieu of bail amounting to $2 million.

Coles is scheduled to appear in Passaic County Superior Court before the Honorable Judge Randal C. Chiocca on Wednesday, April 29th. Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia Valdes and Acting Paterson Police Chief William Fraher issued a joint statement indicating their belief that Coles participated in the shooting, which occurred near a local liquor store on April 18th.

In order to prove its case against Coles, the State will have to provide evidence to support his culpability. Under the law in New Jersey, Accomplice Liability is outlined in N.J.S.A. 2C:2-6. According to this statute, a person can be held legally accountable for the conduct of another person in a variety of circumstances.

Notably, the law provides that an accomplice may be convicted on proof of the commission of the offense and of his complicity therein, though the person claimed to have committed the offense has not been prosecuted or convicted or has been convicted of a different offense or degree of offense or has an immunity to prosecution or conviction or has been acquitted.

Essentially, this means that Coles may be found guilty of committing the aforementioned crimes even if Gregory Oliver is offered immunity for providing testimony against him, and vice versa. Further updates on this case will be provided as developments occur.

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