Paterson Residents Arrested Following Counterfeit Purchases at Wyckoff Pharmacies

counterfiet-dollarThe Wyckoff Police Department recently arrested two individuals in connection with a series of purchases made with counterfeit bills in Wyckoff and Midland Park, New Jersey. The alleged offenders are now facing charges for counterfeiting, forgery, and theft.

According to Benjamin Fox, the Chief of Police at the Wyckoff Police Department, officers arrested 29-year-old Christine M. Alvino and 31-year-old Joseph J. Nunally, who live on River Street in Paterson, after video surveillance documented them making purchases with counterfeit currency at various local pharmacies.

On December 14th, an employee at a Wyckoff Walgreens pharmacy received counterfeit money from a woman and unsuccessfully tried to stop her from leaving the premises. Additional purchases were made the following day at multiple stores, with transactions involving the exchange of fake bills for gift cards. Then again on December 21st, police received a report from an employee at another Wyckoff Walgreens, notifying them of a purchase made with counterfeit currency in different amounts.

Investigators viewed the surveillance videos at the different establishments in order to identify the perpetrators, whom they determined to be Alvino and Nunally. A coordinated search of the suspects’ residence conducted by officers from the Wyckoff Police Department as well as agents from the Secret Service, led to the discovery of additional evidence of illegal activities. The search resulted in the seizure of a large quantity of counterfeit currency, counterfeiting production materials, gift cards, and heroin accompanied by hypodermic syringes.

Alvino and Nunally are currently being held at the Bergen County Jail and may be facing further charges. Their bails are set at $57,000 each.

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