Paterson Police Investigate Possible Homicide at NJ Transit Bus Terminal

Homicide Lawyer in Paterson NJPaterson law enforcement is investigating a possible homicide at the Broadway Bus Terminal in Paterson, New Jersey.

According to authorities, the victim s body was found near the entrance to the bus terminal a short time before 2:30 a.m. NJ Transit police went to the scene and found the victim lying on the pavement.

Investigators later determined that a bus driver may have struck the victim s body. However, it is believed that the body was already on the ground prior to being hit by the bus.

NJ Transit police notified the Paterson Police Department, which dispatched officers to the scene to assist with the investigation into the possible homicide. The two law enforcement agencies are now working together to determine exactly what happened.

Depending on the outcome of the official police investigation into the death, it s possible that manslaughter charges or even murder charges could be filed.

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