Paterson NJ Police Looking for Suspect in Shooting That Left Victim Hospitalized

Paterson NJ police are looking for a man suspected of committing a shooting on a city street in June.

According to a press release issued by the Paterson Police Cease-Fire Unit, Carlos Arenas is wanted for attempted murder, unlawful possession of a weapon, andpossession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

When police officers responded to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center on June 19, the hospitalized victim told officers about the shooting. The victim said that he was sitting in a parked car on North Seventh Street near Oxford Street when he heard a single gunshot. According to the victim, the passenger door shattered and he realized that he had been struck in the back of his right shoulder.

Two (2) Paterson detectives investigated and identified Mr. Arenas as the shooter.

In New Jersey, attempted murder is an extremely serious charge. If convicted of attempted murder, Mr. Arenas could face as many as 20 years in state prison. And because the No Early Release Act (NERA) applies to attempted murder convictions, Mr. Arenas could be required to serve a minimum of 85 percent before gaining parole eligibility.

Complaints have been signed against Mr. Arenas, but he remains at large. The Paterson Police Cease-Fire Unit asks anyone with information about Mr. Arenas to contact them at (973) 523-8477.

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