Paterson NJ Police Look for Suspect in Shooting on City Street

Paterson NJ Shooting InvestigationPolice in Paterson NJ are looking for a man accused of shooting a person on a city street.

According to authorities, the shooting occurred around 1:40 p.m. The Paterson Police Department received a report of gunshots fired in the area of 19th Avenue and East 33rd Street in Paterson, New Jersey.

When police officers arrived at the scene, they found the 32-year-old victim lying on the pavement.

The victim, who is from Bloomfield NJ, was rushed to a nearby hospital. Doctors at the medical facility treated the victim for his gunshot-related injuries. He was later listed in critical condition.

It is believed that the victim was shot shortly after stepping out of his vehicle. Two men allegedly walked toward the victim. One of the men was brandishing a firearm, which he used to fire multiple gunshots at the victim. The victim reportedly sustained gunshot wounds to his upper body.

Paterson detectives are actively investigating the incident. Paterson NJ police are operating under the assumption that the victim was targeted in the shooting.

At this time, investigators have yet to identify a suspect in the case. If police do determine the identity of the shooter, it is likely that criminal charges for aggravated assault would follow. The suspect would also probably face charges for multiple gun crimes.

Anyone who has information about the shooting or the suspect should reach out to Paterson NJ detectives at 973-321-1120 or 973-321-1342.

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