Paterson NJ Man Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault

Paterson NJ Sexual Assault SuspectA Paterson NJ man was recently sentenced to nearly three decades in prison for sexually assaulting a child.

The suspect is a 29-year-old man from Paterson, New Jersey. He sexually assaulted a child under the age of 13 in Plainfield, NJ. According to Union County prosecutors, the suspect committed the sex crimes over a period of two years.

The Plainfield Police Department eventually learned about the sexual assaults and notified the Union County Prosecutor s Office. Detectives then launched an investigation and ultimately placed the suspect under arrest.

Prosecutors filed multiple criminal charges against the suspect, including first degree aggravated sexual assault and second degree endangering the welfare of a child.

The suspect was convicted on the sex crime charges in 2016.

Now the suspect is headed to prison after a Union County Superior Court judge issued a sentence of 19 years on the aggravated sexual assault charge and nine years on the child endangerment charge. Since the sentences were imposed consecutively, the suspect s total prison sentence is 28 years behind bars. Additionally, the suspect will be required to serve at least 85 percent of the sentence before he becomes eligible for release on parole.

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