Paterson man caught with marijuana and large stash of heroin by Delaware State Troopers

A 32-year old man by the name of Davon Tucker, from Paterson was arrested in Delaware on Tuesday after being pulled over speeding. According to the Delaware State police they found almost 15,000 bags of heroin.

In a news release by the Delaware State Police, the street value of these bags of heroin is about $150,000.

Mr. Tucker was stopped by State Troopers along Route 1 in Milton at about 2:20pm. Delaware State Troopers stated they came across the heroin after detecting the scent of marijuana coming from his car. After being questioned about the smell, Tucker handed over a plastic bag from the vehicle’s center console containing a couple of grams of marijuana, according to police.

State Police then asked Tucker and a 29-year-old woman to get out of the car. When the troopers looked in the trunk, they saw heroin in small wax paper bags packed inside freezer bags, authorities said.

Tucker is charged with possession of heroin and possession with intent to distribute. He also got summonses for driving while suspended, speeding and marijuana possession, Delaware State Police said.
His bail was set at $122,601.