Paterson Man Charged With Having More Than 5,000 Envelopes Of Heroin

A Paterson man was arrested yesterday for being in possession of heroin and an illegal handgun. Glenn Urena a 32 year old man was taken into custody by Paterson Police. At 7pm Police went to his home on Mill Street after they had a surveillance unit set up by the narcotics unit, Police Director Jerry Speziale said. He was brought up on charges of possession of drugs with the intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school and other drug offense. He was also charged with weapons offenses as well, also is the possible accusation that Mr. Urena is a convicted felon who is not authorized to have a weapon. The raid uncovered 5,083 heroin filled envelopes, 220 bags of crack cocaine, as well as a loaded handgun for which there was no permit. Funds of $2,129.00 were collected as well as drug money.

Under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-7 which is Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance Near School Property. It is the unlawful act of having and distributing, dispensing, or possessing with the intent to distribute the drugs near any school property. The law also states that the act can be committed near a school bus and the charges are still the same. In the State of New Jersey it is a crime of the 3rd degree. A Person found guilty of a crime of the 3rd degree will be looking at a prison sentence 3 to 5 years in New Jersey State Prison.

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