Paterson Man Arrested for Alleged Gun Possession, Heroin Distribution

Passaic County narcotics detectives recently arrested a Paterson man on drug and weapons charges after they reportedly discovered $5,000 worth of heroin and a loaded handgun in his vehicle during an uncover surveillance operation.

According to Passaic County Sheriff Richard H. Berdnik, detectives from the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office’s Narcotics Task Force were conducting surveillance in the vicinity of Erie and River streets when they observed 32-year-old Paterson resident Shawn Flemmings in what appeared to be a drug transaction.

Flemmings was allegedly coming and going from his vehicle, a 2000 black Honda Accord, before he took a small item from the vehicle and exchanged it for cash. He was stopped shortly thereafter and allegedly found in possession of 10 glassine packets of heroin, as well as over $700 in suspected drug proceeds.

Upon further investigation of the vehicle, detectives reportedly discovered a mechanically-operated compartment which contained a .25 caliber loaded handgun, 2.6 ounces of raw heroin, 65 glassine packets of heroin, digital scales, and a cutting agent.

Flemmings is now facing charges for weapons offenses, including a certain persons not to have weapons offense, as well as drug charges for possession of heroin with intent to distribute. The degree of the heroin charges will be contingent upon the total quantity of heroin associated with the alleged offense.

As such, the 2.6 ounces mentioned will be combined with the amount contained in the 65 glassine packets to reach a total amount which will then determine the degree of the charges against Flemming. For example, under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-5, offenses involving heroin amounting to between one-half ounce and five ounces are classified as second degree crimes, punishable by a term of incarceration ranging from 5 to 10 years in New Jersey State Prison.

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