Paterson Man Arrested After Officials Seize $5 Million Worth of Heroin

Law enforcement officials raided an apartment in the Bronx that was allegedly serving as a heroin processing facility headed by a man from Paterson. The man, whose Paterson home was also searched during the course of the investigation, is now facing extremely serious drug and weapons charges.

According to a news release issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration, federal agents and members of the New York police force conducted a raid at an apartment in the Bronx, which they suspected was serving as a heroin production facility. The apartment was allegedly an outpost, providing heroin to dealers in New York and Long Island.

Upon searching the residence, officials reportedly discovered approximately $5 million worth of heroin, as well as guns, drug paraphernalia, and cash that is believed to be drug proceeds. They also found employees of the drug operation packaging the heroin when the entered the premises.

Authorities subsequently arrested 38-year-old Paterson resident Orlando Rosario-Concepcion, who is accused of overseeing the facility. They also executed a search at Rosario-Concepcion’s Paterson home, ultimately seizing $100,000 and a loaded handgun.

In total, officials reportedly confiscated 26 pounds of heroin, two guns, and $115,000 during the recent investigation, which was compelled by the fatal heroin overdose of a young man in Sullivan County in October of 2014.

Due to the frightening trend toward heroin and drug-related overdoses in New Jersey, legislators have enacted a law known as strict liability for drug-induced deaths. Under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-9, any person who manufactures, distributes, or dispenses a Schedule I or II controlled dangerous substance, is strictly liable for a death which results from the injection, inhalation, or ingestion of that substance, and is guilty of a crime of the first degree.

Essentially, this means that an individual who produces or sells a qualifying drug to another person who subsequently dies from exposure to said drug, is legally responsible for the individual’s death and therefore, subject to a term of incarceration ranging from 10 to 20 years in New Jersey State Prison.

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