Paterson Drug Mill Discovered During Apartment Fire

According to Paterson Police Director, Jerry Speziale, a fire in Paterson lead to firefighters uncovering a “drug mill.” Four firefighters were injured during a blaze at around 1:00am on Thursday. Firefighters responded to the fire at a burning apartment building on Illinois Avenue. When they arrived, they searched the building until they got to the basement. A battalion chief, a fire captain, and two firefighters entered the basement and were overtaken by fumes. They soon discovered that they were walking through an apparent drug mill.

They found large bins of green vegetation, liquid flavor, and large quantities of acetone (which is typically used to manufacture drugs). The basement was allegedly used to manufacture K2, which are synthetic cannabinoids. The firefighters collapsed on the ground outside from inhaling the fumes; and were taken to St. Joseph’s Medical Center where they were listed in stable condition. 

There were apparently two families living in the house: one family of five (5) and one family of six (6). Though 11 people were displaced from their home, none were injured in the fire. According to Police Director, Speziale, the Red Cross was on scene to help the residents. There were no arrests announced, however the Paterson Narcotics Unit was also on scene. Speziale is referring to this as a “major operation” noting a couple hundred pounds of narcotics. Click here to read more at 

K2 is considered by the DEA to be a “designer drug” which is banned in New Jersey. According to the Office of Attorney General, Department of Law and Public Safety which states as follows:

“After enacting the ban on so-called “bath salts” drugs, the Division of Consumer Affairs launched a statewide education and enforcement initiative in partnership with schools, universities, and police agencies across New Jersey, resulting in the seizure or voluntary surrender of a total of more than 2,900 packets of suspected designer drugs, with an estimated total value of approximately $75,000, and the arrests of six individuals allegedly dealing in the banned substances. Data from the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System indicates a sharp drop in the use of so-called “bath salts” drugs after the State’s education and enforcement action began.” Click here to read more.

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