Passaic NJ Woman Killed When Boyfriend Accidentally Hits Her with Car

A woman was killed in Passaic NJ after her boyfriend accidentally hit her with his vehicle.

34-year-old Lina Mitchel Villanova was standing outside the car when her boyfriend, 37-year-old Ramon Antonio Hidalgo, mistakenly accelerated the vehicle while it was in reverse.

According to Passaic police, Mr. Hidalgo thought that the car was in park and meant to step on the brake when he accidentally stepped on the gas.

After being hit, Ms. Villanova grabbed onto the vehicle as it was moving. However, she had very little time to react as the car crushed her into a storefront. Ms. Villanova was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Passaic, where she died a short time later.

Mr. Hidalgo was arrested and charged with causing a death while driving without a license, a third degree criminal offense.

If Mr. Hidalgo is convicted, he could be sentenced to up to five (5) years in New Jersey State Prison.

After being arrested, Mr. Hidalgo was taken to the Passaic police lockup in lieu of $35,000.00 bail.

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