Passaic County Authorities Investigate Police Shooting in Paterson, New Jersey

Paterson New Jersey Police ShootingPassaic County law enforcement is investigating a violent incident that reportedly resulted in a Paterson NJ police officer shooting a suspect.

According to the Passaic County Prosecutor s Office, the shooting occurred during the late-night hours on Friday near the intersection of Oak Street and Madison Street.

The shooting resulted in one person suffering physical injuries as a result of at least one gunshot wound. The individual was treated for their injuries at the scene and subsequently taken to a nearby hospital so that they could receive additional treatment from doctors.

Authorities have not released a whole lot of information about the shooting incident at this time. However, given the very high-profile nature of many recent police shootings across the country, it can probably be expected that much more information will be made available in the coming days and weeks.

As it standard procedure anytime a police officer is involved in a shooting and has to discharge their firearm, the Passaic County Prosecutor s Office will be actively investigating the shooting and attempt to determine the exact circumstances that led up to the incident.

Of course, the shooting victim will also likely be the subject of an investigation. If it is determined that the victim precipitated the shooting in any way, or posed a threat to the police officers, he could possibly face criminal charges for aggravated assault and weapons offenses.

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