Palisades Park Sergeant Indicted On Theft and Official Misconduct

A Palisades Park Police Sergeant was charged with three counts of theft related offenses and two counts of official misconduct. Sergeant Marc Messing in January was suspended from his police officer position. Messing has been on the force for 11 years, and he was suspended after an internal affairs investigation found and charged him with forgery and theft. Which in the state of New Jersey is a crime of the third degree. Sergeant Messing is accused of forging a check for $1,000 which was originally made out to the town, but according to police he added his name to the check and deposited it, into his account. Police filed the charges in January and saw that a check from High Point Utilities was altered. Sergeant Messing was originally suspended with pay at a salary of $119,706 but the borough recently stopped paying him. In June a grand jury indicted him on all the charges, after he decided not to plead guilty to the third degree crime of theft by deception. On Monday August 24th Sergeant Marc Messing made his first appearance in Bergen County Superior Court.

Under N.J.S.A. 2C:20-4 which is theft by deception. It involves the act of purposefully obtaining the property of another by means of deception. In this case it was a crime of the 3rd degree since the dollar amount was $1,000. Which if found guilty a person is looking at a prison sentence of 3 to 5 years in New Jersey State Prison.

Under N.J.S.A. 2C:30-2 which is official misconduct. It involves any public servant, commiting an act to obtain a benefit to himself or another, or injure or deprive another of a benefit. It is often a crime of the 2nd degree, and will become a crime of the 3rd degree if the dollar amount was less than $200. In this case it is a crime of the 2nd degree which a person if found guilty will be looking at a prison sentence 5 to 10 years in New Jersey State Prison.

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