One heroin arrest leads to another in Wayne, police say

In Wayne police arrested a Vernon man, Monday on heroin possession charges. As they arrested him, another man crashed his car nearby who also had narcotics, Wayne Police Capt. Martin W. Laurence said.

Vincent Malanga, 38, of Vernon, pulled into an Exxon station early Monday and entered the men s room. Capt. Martin Lawrence stated, when Malanga exited the restroom he was “exhibiting physical behavior of someone on narcotics.

The detectives asked Malanga if he needed medical assistance and determined he was under the influence of heroin, Laurence said. They charged him with being under the influence of heroin, possession of eight bags of suspected heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia.

While taking Malanga into custody, Ryan T. Miller, 29, of Landing, crashed his white Mazda sedan into an SUV 25 yards south of the Exxon station, Laurence said. Miller was swaying and unsteady as he tried to answer questions about the crash.

Detective Jason Goller, a drug recognition expert, conducted field sobriety tests and Miller was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of narcotics and possession of narcotics.

Malanga and Miller were released on summonses.

Miller’s girlfriend suffered minor facial injuries in the crash, Laurence said. She was treated at St. Joseph’s Wayne Hospital.

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