NYPD Captain Indicted for Kidnapping and Assault of Ex-Girlfriend in Paterson

Hariton Marachilian, a NYPD Captain who was arrested in December of 2023 on charges associated with the alleged December 10, 2022 attack of his ex-girlfriend in Paterson, NJ, has now been indicted.

Marachilian stands charged with Kidnapping, a crime of the First Degree; Aggravated Assault – Strangulation of Domestic Violence Victim, a crime of the Second Degree; Aggravated Assault – Serious Bodily Injury, a crime of the Second Degree; Criminal Restraint, a crime of the Third Degree; and Criminal Coercion, a crime of the Fourth Degree. If convicted of the most serious charge – Kidnapping – Marachilian faces between 10 and 30 years in NJ State Prison, with a requirement that he serve 85% of the sentence imposed before becoming eligible for parole, as per the No Early Release Act (“NERA“) for violent offenders.

The original charging document filed against Marachilian alleged that he and the victim were involved in a verbal dispute outside of a restaurant in Paterson that turned physical when he grabbed her hair and smashed her head into the dashboard of his vehicle. At one point during the purported assault, the victim fled the victim. Marachilian is then alleged to have chased her, picked her up and thrown her to the ground, choked her, and dragged her back to his vehicle. She purportedly sustained injuries to her face, legs, and feet.

According to an article published on NJ.com at the time of Marachilian’s arrest, the NYPD has suspended him without pay. According to that same article, Marachilian was named in a sexual harassment suit in 2020 and was previously accused by a fellow officer of lewd behavior and comments.

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