Newark NJ Police Investigating Shooting, Fifth Homicide in 72 Hour

One (1) person was dead after a shooting in Newark’s South Ward, marking the fifth person killed in the city during a bloody 72-hour period.

Authorities confirmed that an Essex County homicide task force was investigating the shooting homicide in the 900 block of South 20th Street.

According to residents, several men were involved in an argument in the moments leading up to gunfire. A short time later, approximately seven (7) rounds were fired. The witnesses indicated that a second man was also shot during the altercation.

Sadly, this attack was the city’s fifth homicide in less than 72 hours. Earlier in the week, 29-year-old Suton R. Jones was gunned down on South Orange Avenue near South 10th Street.

The next night, 22-year-old Rajohn McClain and 22-year-old Rashid Howard were shot near the intersection of Madison Avenue and Ridgewood Avenue. Both Mr. McClain and Mr. Howard died later.

The following night, 18-year-old Kendell Owens was shot and killed on Clinton Avenue near Osborn Terrace, less than a mile from where Mr. McClain and Mr. Howard were shot.

Newark NJ has been riddled with violence this year, suffering 78 homicides already. During a 10-day period in late August and early September, ten (10) people were killed in Newark.

For more information, see the article entitled “South Ward Killing Marks Newark’s Fifth Homicide in Last 72 Hours.”