New Hampshire Man Set to Appear in Federal Court in Newark NJ, Face Federal Charges for Weapons Trafficking

A New Hampshire man was arrested for allegedly using the Internet to sell an array of firearms, some of which passed through New Jersey.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, 38-year-old Matthew Crisafi used the website Black Market Reloaded to sell semi-automatic handguns and rifles.

In an undercover sting, Mr. Crisafi negotiated with a buyer who was actually an undercover officer.

Authorities said that Mr. Crisafi allegedly sold several semi-automatic handguns and rifles worth more than $11,000 on the black market. When he shipped some of the weapons through New Jersey, law enforcement officials seized them.

Mr. Crisafi has been charged with multiple firearms trafficking offenses.

After making an initial court appearance in New Hampshire, Mr. Crisafi was scheduled to be transferred to Newark, New Jersey.

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