Kidnapping Charge Filed in Bergenfield Domestic Violence Incident

At approximately 11:45pm last night, officers from the Bergenfield Police Department were summoned to a local residence on the report of a domestic violence incident in progress.

Upon arrival, officers learned that Charles Vera, a Hackensack man, had appeared at the residence attempting to see his ex-girlfriend of 5 years, a 20-year old woman who had recently broken up with him. (She resides there with her parents. Their identities have all been withheld.)

According to reports, Vera banged with his fists on the front door of the residence and then moved to the side window. His ex-girlfriend eventually let him in. According to the girl’s parents, Vera and the girl argued before he dragged her ouside, pushed her into his car, and sped off. They then called the police.

Detectives immediately contacted Vera’s cell phone provider, who granted an emergency request for the cell phone’s location. It led detectives to an address on East 125th Street. The 25th Precinct of the NYPD was contacted for assistance. They responded and took Vera into custody. The girl, unharmed, was with him. She was later returned home.

Vera was charged with Kidnapping, a crime of the first degree. An arrest warrant was issued, with no bail. He being held in New York awaiting extradition back to New Jersey. Additional charges are pending.

For more information, see the article posted on entitled, “Bergenfield woman found, ex-boyfriend charged in kidnapping.”

If convicted of Kidnapping, Vera faces between 15 and 30 years in New Jersey State Prison, with 85% of the sentence that must be served before he would become eligible for parole, as per the No Early Release Act (“NERA”) for violent offenders.