“Honest Burglars” in Wayne NJ Get National Attention After Surveillance Video Shows Them Paying For Goods

Recently, four (4) football players from William Paterson University received national attention for something they did off the football field.

Surveillance video captured Thomas James, Kell’E Gallimore, Jelani Bruce, and Anthony Biondi entering a Wayne NJ store that had been left unlocked after closing. The video showed the young men paying for their items.

A mechanical malfunction had left the doors to Buddy’s Small Lots on Route 23 in Wayne unlocked. At the time, prior to football practice, the four (4) men were out looking for things for their dorm room. The guys found what they needed in the store, but they could not find a store clerk. So they did the right thing and put the money on the counter before leaving.

When Wayne NJ police alerted the store’s management that there may have been a break-in, the store’s managers found the surveillance footage. However, the video showed the men simply wandering around the store looking for employees before paying in full.

The video of the men became an Internet sensation and went “viral.” Later, Mr. James, Mr. Gallimore, Mr. Bruce, and Mr. Biondi appeared on “The Today Show” to discuss their good deed.

After learning of the men’s noble actions, the store’s managers found them and offered them a reward.

For more information, see the NJ.com article entitled “Good Guy ‘Burglars’ Make ‘Today Show’ Appearance After Surveillance Video Goes Viral.”