Hackensack Police Arrest Jersey City Man On Murder Charges

Hackensack Police Department took into custody last Jose Ronald Santos-Alvarez who was hiding in an apartment last night after fleeing from Jersey City for being suspected of killing his girlfriend and her 4 year old son. Police Director Michael Mordaga has praised the officer involved with the shooting as well as the police department in whole for their calm and safe demeanor with the situation. He knows what he s dealing with, this guy s suspected of murdering a 25-year-old girl and a baby, Police Director Michael Mordaga said. The guy comes at him with a knife, he only fires a single shot. The police shooting was justified as Jose Ronald Santos- Alvarez charged the officer with a large knife and the officer took control of the situation. The shooting happened around 7:30 pm on Clay Street adjacent to Railroad Avenue. Two women in the house were also taken into custody for hindering the police department s investigation, when they attempted to mislead the officers by saying he was not in the house.  During the shooting which was fired into the murder suspect s stomach, there were as many as 9 Hackensack Police Officers in the house, and a total of 21 Police Officers at the scene. Hackensack was first to enter the house then followed by Hudson County Prosecutors Office Detectives.

Under N.J.S.A. 2C:11-3 which is Murder. Murder is the act of purposefully causing death or serious bodily injury that leads to death. It is a crime of the 1st degree, and it is an extended prison sentence. A person found guilty of murder is looking at a prison sentence of 30 years to life, with parole only becoming an option after serving 30 years, in addition their is no chance of parole for murdering a law enforcement officer, or a victim who was less than 14 years old and also involved in an act of sexual assault.

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