Guns and Drugs Found in Stolen Car in Paterson

On Friday, detectives with the Paterson Police Department were conducting surveillance on Hamilton Avenue when they allegedly observed a drug sale between 40 year old Dion Moore of Paterson and 31 year old David Caporizzo of Fairfield. Detectives purportedly observed Moore and Caporizzo engage in a “hand-to-hand” drug transaction in front of an abandoned house. According to the detectives, Moore spoke to Caporizzo, and then walked over to a minivan which was parked in an abandoned lot. He then grabbed some small items from the minivan and handed them to Caporizzo in exchange for money. Shortly after driving away from the area, Caporizzo the detectives conducted a motor vehicle stop. Caporizzo was allegedly found to be in possession of two bags of crack cocaine. He was arrested and charged with drug possession.

Also according to the detectives, following the drug sale, Moore returned to the minivan (which had apparently been reported stolen) and threw a bag of heroin to an unknown woman who was seated inside. The detectives pursued Moore and ultimately placed him under arrest. A search incident to his arrest revealed $926 in suspected drug proceeds, 900 envelopes of heroin, 43 ziplock baggies of cocaine, 54 vials of crack cocaine, and a small amount of marijuana. Authorities also searched from the minivan and recovered two handguns – a Colt .25 (reportedly stolen) and a Glock .23.

Moore was ultimately charged with 12 drug offenses, 3 weapons offenses, and 2 charges of receiving stolen property for being in possession of a stolen gun and vehicle. Click here to read the article in full on

Gun charges are taken very seriously in NJ. Even if you have no prior criminal record, being convicted of a gun charge can mean serving a lengthy term in NJ State Prison with a period of parole ineligibility as per the “Graves Act” which is the sentencing provision that applies to gun cases. More importantly, if you are convicted of gun possession while in the course of distributing drugs, that can result in the imposition of a consecutive sentence under the drugs and guns statute. Being convicted of possession of cocaine can also have very serious consequences, including exposure to jail time and a suspension of your driving privileges.

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