Grand Jury Indicts Former NFL Player for Aggravated Assault, Not Attempted Murder

A former NFL player has been indicted on a lesser charge stemming from an attack on a man outside a northern NJ nightclub.

23-year-old Ausar Walcott had potentially facedattempted murder charges, but instead he has been indicted on aggravated assault charges.

Earlier this month, a Passaic County Superior Court grand jury indicted Mr. Walcott on the aggravated assault charges. Prosecutors say that Mr. Walcott critically injured a NY man outside the Palace Gentleman’s Club in Passaic NJ. The victim is undergoing rehabilitation for a brain injury. According to prosecutors, Mr. Walcott injured the victim with a single blow.

Mr. Walcott’s attorney has stated that Mr. Walcott was acting in self-defense.

In NJ, aggravated assault is governed under N.J.S.A. 2C:12-1(b). A person may be charged with second degree aggravated assault if he knowingly caused “serious” bodily injury. In this case, Mr. Walcott is alleged to have caused brain damage to the victim. If Mr. Walcott is convicted of second degree aggravated assault, he could be sentenced to as many as ten (10) years in NJ State Prison.

After the incident, Mr. Walcott was released by the Cleveland Browns, the NFL team that had been employing him.

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