College coach from Ridgewood charged with dozens of sexual offenses involving players

A women’s college softball coach who lives in Ridgewood was charged Thursday with more than 90 counts of improper sexual contact and behavior on a report found on

Kurt Ludwigsen, 43, worked as a coach at Nyack College between September and last month, when he was fired after the administration of the Christian school began to receive complaints from parents. Ludwigsen, also known as Kurt Vogner, is accused of behavior including harassment, kissing and unwanted sexual touching involving the 13 players he coached.

Ludwigsen has been charged with 44 misdemeanor counts of forcible touching, 49 misdemeanor counts of second-degree harassment, and one misdemeanor count of third-degree sexual abuse.

He was being held on $15,000 cash bail in the Rockland County jail.

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