Clifton NJ Police Search for Suspects Accused of Stealing Jewelry from Local Woman

Clifton NJ Criminal Defense AttorneysPolice are looking for three people who allegedly stole expensive jewelry from a woman in Clifton, New Jersey.

The theft incident occurred last week. According to authorities, the three suspects knocked on the door of a Clifton NJ home and told the woman inside that they were there to check the water valves. The suspects specifically identified themselves as city employees.

When the victim questioned the suspects about their presence at the house, they reportedly told her that they had previously sent bills to the residence.

Once inside the house, the suspects initially checked sinks and faucets. However, they soon moved into a bedroom on the second floor and stole a large amount jewelry.

The victim later noticed the missing valuables and contacted local law enforcement.

Clifton NJ detectives are actively investigating the theft and attempting to determine who may have perpetrated the fraud.

Meanwhile, the Clifton Police Department has issued a warning to local residents and asked that they contact the police before allowing any suspicious individuals inside their homes.

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