Clifton NJ Doctor Surrenders Medical License, Avoids Hearing over Sex Offense

Clifton New Jersey Criminal ChargesTwo NJ doctors, one of whom is from Clifton NJ, recently agreed to suspensions of their medical licenses in connection with sex crime cases.

One of the suspects is a Clifton NJ anesthesiologist who had been accused of making illegal sexual contact with one of his patients. The other suspect is a Bergenfield NJ internist who had been accused of criminal sexual contact with five patients and three employees.

While the Bergenfield suspect previously pleaded guilty to the criminal charges, the Clifton suspect has denied the allegations and is contesting the charges against him.

Now both sex crime suspects have surrendered the licenses that allow them to practice medicine in the State of New Jersey.

According to NJ prosecutors, the Clifton suspect will not go through a disciplinary hearing with the medical board now that he has agreed to relinquish his medical license.

In order to seek reinstatement of their medical licenses, the sexual offense suspects will need to wait at least 10 years and then pay $20,000 monetary penalties.

New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino recently issued a statement and reminded NJ residents that doctor-patient trust serves as the bedrock of the medical profession. Porrino further noted that sexual exploitation of patients is the gravest imaginable violation of this trust. That s why NJ prosecutors are expected to continue to crack down on sex crimes committed by doctors and other medical practitioners going forward.

For further information about these cases, see the article, “N.J. Revokes Licenses of 2 Doctors Accused of Sexual Misconduct.”