Bayonne NJ Man Allegedly Goes on Crime Spree, Shoplifting Electronic Devices and Fondling Himself in Front of Minors

A Bayonne NJ man has been accused of going on a four-day crime spree that included asking two pre-teen girls for kisses while he fondled himself.

24-year-old Dexter Bell allegedly began his crime spree by stealing a cell phone and posting nude photographs of the female owner on Facebook.

The next day, Mr. Bell allegedly approached the children’s playground at the Bayonne YMCA and asked for kisses from two children. According to police, the children were 11 and 12 years old, respectively. Mr. Bell is also accused of asking for kisses from two counselors who worked at the facility. Court documents indicate that Mr. Bell had his hand down his pants and was fondling himself when he asked for the kisses.

The day after that, Mr. Bell allegedly stole a man’s iPhone, running off with the device after asking to borrow it.

Mr. Bell was finally arrested the following day after he allegedly tried to steal a set of headphones and a phone charger from a Metro PCS store. A police officer responded to the scene and confronted Mr. Bell, who yelled an obscenity at the officer and attempted to flee.

Mr. Bell has been charged with criminal sexual contact, lewdness, aggravated assault, resisting arrest, shoplifting, theft, and obstruction of justice.

Mr. Bell is being held at the Hudson County Jail in lieu of $155,000 bail.

For more information, read the article entitled “Police: Bayonne Man’s Crime Spree Including Fondling Himself While Asking Girls for Kiss.”