Bayonne Man Accused of Threatening Officers With Knife, Assault

According to authorities, Michael Ciccone, a 55-year old Bayonne resident, was taken into custody late last week after he threatened at least two officers from the Bayonne Police Department with a 15-inch kitchen knife.

It appears that law enforcement was summoned to Ciccone’s apartment on Avenue A in Bayonne (near 25th Street) to perform a welfare check, after a mental health worker advised that he wasn’t acting right. Upon arrival, Ciccone opened the door with the chain latch still on and began cursing and threatening the officers. Then he began pressing his body against the door, stuck a large knife into the jamb, and told the officers he was going to kill them.

One of the officers was apparently able to gain entry into the apartment through a window and, after a struggle that included Ciccone punching, kicking, and biting him, was able to disarm Ciccone. Ciccone then resisted arrest. The fight spilled into the hallway before officers could finally place him into custody.

Ciccone and the officer were taken to Bayonne Medical Center for treatment. The officer was treated for several injuries including cuts and bruises and a 1-inch laceration that he sustained on his forearm. Ciccone was evaluated and cleared for incarceration. He was subsequently charged with Possession of a Weapon for an Unlawful Purpose, Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, Aggravated Assault Against a Law Enforcement Officer (2 counts), and Resisting Arrest.

If convicted of the more serious offenses, Ciccone could face up to 5 years in New Jersey State Prison.

For more information, see the Jersey Journal article entitled, “Police say 55-year-old Bayonne man threatened 2 officers with a knife before assauling them as they disarmed him.”