Atlantic City Woman Allegedly Abandoned Child at Clifton NJ Library

Clifton NJ Child Neglect AttorneysPolice recently arrested an Atlantic City woman accused of abandoning her infant child in a Clifton NJ public library.

The suspect is a 33-year-old resident of Atlantic City, New Jersey. According to authorities, the suspect went to the Clifton Memorial Library, located on Piaget Avenue in Clifton NJ, around 12:00 p.m. and placed her baby in the lobby. The suspect then allegedly walked out of the building.

A detective lieutenant with the Clifton Police Department later issued a statement about the incident and said that the suspect left the baby next to a bag of belongings.

The child reportedly abandoned at the Clifton library is a 13-month-old boy. People inside the library saw the infant and immediately dialed 911 to alert Clifton NJ law enforcement.

Clifton police officers soon arrived at the scene and searched the surrounding area for the suspect. They eventually located the suspect on Day Street, a short distance from the library.

It is believed that the suspect was planning to hand over the child to a child protective services worker at the library. However, the suspect reportedly got tired of waiting and simply decided to leave.

The suspect has been charged with multiple crimes, including endangering the welfare of a child and child abandonment. These are felony-level offenses that could potentially land the suspect in prison for a very long time.

Additionally, the suspect could lose custody of her kid. That s because the case is currently being investigated by the NJ Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCP&P, formerly known as DYFS). This is standard procedure in situations like this. Moreover, the child has already been turned over to DCP&P.

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